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Alcohol dependency is an acceptable form of addiction in American society. Much of our social activity as adults revolves around drinking or hanging out in establishments that serve alcohol. And for many of us, drinking to excess is a common enough occurrence that we do not typically recognize alcoholism until it has already ravaged our lives.

It is currently estimated that about 23.5 million Americans are addicted to alcohol. While that may seem staggering, what is more perplexing is the fact that only 10% of all Americans who are addicted to alcohol are in recovery or are seeking treatment for their alcoholism.

If you are concerned about your drinking habits, you identify as an alcoholic, or you have a loved one that needs an alcohol intervention, I can help you. I am a qualified alcohol addiction counselor in Keene, NH, and the majority of my clients receive counseling for alcoholism.

Since 1997, my work as an alcohol addiction counselor has benefited countless people, breaking them free of their dependence on alcohol and providing them with opportunities to resolve their problems in healthy ways. Some of the advantages of overcoming alcohol addiction include better cognitive function, an improved capability to handle stress, lowered aggression and irritability, and a clearer understanding of the triggers that cause an emotional attachment to alcohol.

I work mainly with people who come to counseling with a sincere wish to change and grow out of their addiction, but I also do interventions. My job during an intervention is to give a person’s loved ones the ability to reflect on how the addiction is hurting them in their lives, and to offer guidance and counseling so the person can move forward without a dependence on any substance.

My alcohol addiction sessions can take place in individual or group settings, and I also provide couple and family counseling so that your loved ones can help you through the healing process.

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To learn more about alcohol addiction recovery and how it changes lives, give me a call to set up a meeting at the offices of Judyth A Leavitt Counselor in Keene, NH.

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