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Drug addiction is not just a physical attachment to a substance. It is a psychological need that prevents you from finding other, healthier alternatives to cope with whatever issues are troubling you. Drugs fill an emotional void inside of you, and can often lead you to believe that substance abuse is the only way to deal with your emotions.

But when you are ready, drug addiction recovery is possible. You can be free of your dependence on narcotics. As a drug addiction counselor in Keene, NH, I have worked with clients who have chosen to seek drug rehabilitation since 1997. I have been consistently recommended to patients by people who have been helped through my counseling sessions.

My main goal as a substance abuse therapist is to guide you through the process of letting go of your physical, emotional, and psychological dependencies on drugs. I walk with you through the reasons you turned to drugs, assist you in understanding the cause and effect relationship you have with your addiction, give you a path toward healing, and work as a sounding board for any concerns that you have. I will provide you support as you start your life free from dependence on drugs.

Freeing yourself of addiction is an act of independence. You are choosing to direct your life through positive changes, and refusing to go back to the habits that were detrimental to you. Seeking drug addiction counseling is a sign of strength. You are owning your addiction, and with my help as your counselor, you will free yourself.

Contact me right now at Judyth A Leavitt Counselor to begin the journey to a life free from drug addiction.

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