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Life can sometimes be overwhelming. Things happen that affect us and our loved ones, and, because as a society we are told to not let others know when something is bothering us, our feelings can go unchecked. Over time, this can lead to feelings of hopelessness or fear.

As a mental health counselor, I know that if you are coming to me for assistance, you have taken the first step in realizing you need some support. This is the most important thing you can do, and I congratulate you. Now comes the next step—getting anxiety counseling, seeing a depression therapist, partaking in individual psychotherapy, or whatever it is that you need. Sitting down with a counselor who is trained in what you are going through is key.

I have been operating as a mental health counselor in Keene, NH since 1997. In my practice, I employ psychotherapy as the main tool to help my patients recover control over their lives. When you are able to explore your feelings in a secure, compassionate environment, you can then formulate a plan to help yourself find peace again.

Depression and anxiety are nothing to feel ashamed of, and accepting that you may be feeling anxious or depressed is one of the ways you can start to reverse those feelings. As your counselor, my job is to simply help you unravel the reasons you are anxious or depressed, and to be your cheerleader as you begin the process of letting go of those feelings.

While a lot of my practice is geared towards individual counseling, I do offer family counseling for my patients who believe that including their family in therapy sessions is an advantage. I also use counseling to help entire families sort through any relationship issues in a safe and secure manner.

In America today, over 40 million people are affected by anxiety and depression. This number is only growing, and the solution to beating anxiety and depression is to talk with a trained counselor.

Discover the power counseling can have on your life and visit me today at the offices of Judyth A Leavitt Counselor in Keene, NH.

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